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Alcohol ism ~ The drinking of liquid that changes the world by Lizanne Corbit

Alcohol ism
The drinking of liquid that changes the world
Beginning with the jovial laughter and freeing of spirit
And ending with the blubbering tangents of life’s tragedies
And inappropriate behaviors that cause hurt and pain

Alcohol ism
You have to ingest it to have an effect and it turns the
meek and mundane into the crass and curious crashing
of the real person into a drug effected non being or
Rather a non caring, non connecting, non real, shell of a being

Alcohol ism
It wreaks havoc on the body!
Have you seen a woman ravaged by drink?
She looks like a haggard old, ridden hard, broken spirit, vacant eyed
vulture of the soul picking the flesh off one peck at a time

Alcohol ism
It is a life stealing, havoc wreaking, death instilling, heart breaking,
destruction seeking missile.
Locked in on its target programmed to destroy every life form around it and in its intended target.

Alcohol ism
Is a sneaky side winded suitor, promising courage and popularity, relief and rejuvenation, seducing its victims with one drop and drink
at a time, until you are captured and indentured to servitude as it’s slave. Because when it captures your attention, you are as good as dead!

Alcohol ism
Seeks the tortured souls, the uncomfortable in your own skin, I don’t belong, I’m different in a bad way, kind of people It smells their scent of insecurity and tracks it, stocks it, circles it and surrounds it like a good perpetrator does. Then aligns with you in secrecy and gets you to do things you would never do with out its accompaniment

You hurt yourself
You hurt others
You retreat from life and make excuses for the sick treatment of yourself and others And worse than that!

Alcohol ism
Gets you to believe you are ok, you did nothing wrong, it’s everyone else’s fault, Blame becomes the 6 shooter revolver you pull out at any time and shoot holes in the truth, killing the deliverer! And in your mind you glorify yourself, you fool yourself into thinking, you romanticize that you are a good killer like the delusional crazy eyed Charles Manson. Like there is ever such a good thing as a sociopathic good killer!

Alcohol ism
Busts into peoples lives and takes over every aspect and wants you only to itself So it destroys the last vestiges of hope and love, from those who are your family, from the few friends that are left, by dropping a nuclear bomb on them so they are disfigured beyond belief and can never be the same after the ravages Of the alcoholic Hiroshima

At last

Alcohol ism
Has you to itself
Quiet, Alone and Full of Shame
Ranting and raving about what you have done wrong in your life, to yourself and to others And then it offers you ever so seductively, solace and the remedy for what ails you
Promising to take away the pain of your broken soul

Here have another drink!
I am with you
Now I am your best friend, your lover, your spouse and your family!

Here have another drink
We will finish this life alone and full of disgust!

Here have another drink!
We will quietly slip into death one drink at a time.

Here have another drink!
My friend.