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What It’s All About

My partner and I birthed this special baby we called Soul Speaks in 2010. It is our hope and our mission to help more people to gather the benefits of experiencing their instinctual wisdom, their essence truth, and their authentic voice as they learn how to see others and bless others in theirs. Bringing each of our truths, our love, our peace and our connection into the world with others -that is what this is all about.

soul speaks denver co therapist for women

Soul Speaks is a deceptively simple process that stills your mind and opens your heart, allowing your true essence to shine through. This unique approach consists of a powerful centering process that has proven to have an extremely powerful impact on all areas of life, both personal and professional. It is based on a humanistic approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking, but is much more than that. It provides a tangible tool for speaking powerfully and authentically in any area of your life, and enhances the ability to speak and live your truth every day.

Here’s what participants are saying about Soul Speaks:

Soul Speaks has given me the ability to assert myself at work and to speak with confidence, clarity and ease.   

I used to think I was grounded. I did yoga. I meditated. Practicing Soul Speaks is the practice of grounding. The practice of being present to myself…for myself…before anything else. This practice translates to daily life better than any yoga session I’ve done over the past 25 years.   

Soul Speaks is teaching me the ability to settle down into a deeper, more genuine part of myself. Through this process I am building the ability to recognize and access a well of strength, truth and power that I was previously only barely aware existed in me. This experience continues to be enlightening, freeing and empowering.

Soul Speaks is a good match for the experiential learner, and anyone who wants to deepen their intuition, creativity, and connection. It is healing and a blessing for the soul!