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Soro Mystica Blessing

I fell in love, I feel love, I see love, I teach love, I create love, I preach love My sanctuary is my circle of women gathered together to honor the sacred in themselves
They are the spirit incarnate
They mirror beauty in the midst of bleakness
They tend their weary souls with blessings and patience
They walk the path bravely devoted to their own growth
They sing songs of healing and sooth with their sweet knowing They revel in their authenticity and champion the purist in each They bless with a touching word or look of love They worship at the alter of truth and bow in reverence at the vulnerable in another They gather, tend, hold and honor, all in the name of love, bringing themselves to the world as illuminated lanterns of light for the world to see beauty alive in their hearts and actions

We are devotes of love
Love Love Love
Love creates and energizes the fabric of our being
We are beacons of Love, mirroring Love for each other to see how stunningly brilliant, sparkling beautiful and uniquely special we are Loves brilliance
Shining brightly
For all the world to see
Soro Mystica Sisters
Brilliant beacons of light
Of love, of heart, of soul
Manifesting here on Earth
Illuminating the darkness with loves light
Helping heal the world one brilliant moment at a time

Thank you beautiful Soro Mystica sisters!