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Reverence, my dear, is a form of Love

It is a form of connection to the Divine in another – another person, creature, plant, animal, or the elements that make the world alive

I revere the warm, fresh breeze on a spring day

I revere the whisper of “good morning my love”

I revere the clouds rolling ever so billowingly across the big blue sky

I revere the eye-to-eye acknowledgement and connection from one stranger to another

I revere the gentle reach for my hand in the crowded street

I revere the vulnerable moment in the divulging of a long-held secret

I revere the joyous laughter in a down and deep belly laugh

I revere the twinkle in my beloved’s eyes as a paradox is revealed about life

I revere the awe and inspiration in the sacred moment of connecting

I revere truth when it is spoken from the heart

I revere empathy as a sign of understanding in the depths of grief

I revere the human spirit’s resilience and strength in times of trouble

I revere love as the source of all that is goodness and the remedy for all that ails

I revere peace as a solid steady navigator in stormy seas

I revere starlit skies as the heavens remind me of all that is magical in this life

I revere reverence as it brings me to the table where I get to partake in a big bite of humble pie and enjoy every bite of it Amen to reverence – the place where God meets us and decides to dance a waltz in our hearts