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Retrieving Your Inner Brilliance

Restoring Our Birthright, Beauty, and Essence to Its Rightful Place

As the official launch of my new book, Notorious: Poetic Travels of the Fierce Feminine, draws closer, I am overcome with excitement and anticipation. This is all just the very beginning of our journey together, and I can’t wait to see where this incredible new program is going to take us. With that in mind, this feels like the perfect time to remind ourselves that inside each of us, there is something so beautiful and brilliant that is waiting to be brought to the surface. Now is the time for each of us to let our inner light shine. 

I hope you enjoy reading this excerpt, entitled Holy Child, as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Holy Child

My holy child

My freedoms child

My joy-filled child

My child playing in the streets without a care

Welcome to the world sweet one

Welcome to the world where you will be

Watched for, protected and

promised the treasures of your birthright






Holy moments ringing loudly

Holding the note until beauty hears the call to come home

Until precious rings true and turns home from her walkabout

Until innocence reveals herself from her hiding place 

And curiously steps closer to the sound of the holy

Until sweetness perks up and twirls back in the direction of home

Until delight smiles broadly and takes a curtsy as she dances her way home

Until the little girl bows in reverence to the holy notes swinging wide open the doors of home

Until each treasure is returned to the treasure chest of your holy being

Sparkling brightly as the crown jewels of your truest self

Ever and always present and bright

Shine on sweet one 

shine on

Let the brilliance of who you are reflect your holy beauty into the world

Amen sweet one


Notorious: Poetic Travels of the Fierce Feminine

Lizanne Corbit