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To be present is to be alive
To be alive is to be interwoven with life
To be interwoven is to experience the joys and sorrows of living
To experience the joys and sorrows, one must put themselves in another’s place—feeling their feelings, hearing their call for recognition and cries to be loved for who they are

One must open their eyes to see the thing in another that makes us alike in commonality not derision nor divisiveness

One must open their heart to the gift of love as well as the gift of loss, as both can bring us to our soul senses and drop us to our knees in reverence and awe to the raw beauty of who we are

One must choose—yes, choose—to be an instrument, activist, pacifist, rebel, champion, challenger or creator in each and every moment
One must choose to land in their truth and have faith in themselves and one another, that we choose to be connected, and complimented and compassionate as we walk this rocky and real life together
One must, we must, the world must savor the breath of life and with each savoring, land in the rich and real beauty that each breath gifts us with

Living this life, living our life, graced with, blessed with this present moment
Where we get to honor the spirit of another, the soul of another, the unique beauty of another, the God given of another, the birthright of another, the special unique beyond measure genius of another
For when we honor another we honor our own

Your Presence
Is the healing balm
The saving grace, the savoring spirit
The manifest destiny of beauty
The real revolution

Your presence can lead the way, guide another home and create a revolution of Love by landing with
1 breath -1 look -1-connection -1-presence – Yours

You are the revolutionary
You are the catalyst, the chrysalis, the crucible, the conscious creator
You are evolutionary

All it takes to change the world is to be yourself
One breath at a time

We invite you, we encourage you, we implore you, we expect you, to bring your ever-beautiful, loving special presence into the world and make a difference in this exact moment in time.