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meeting life

Meeting Life

Our Soul Speaks group spoke to the topic of “meeting life”.
So, I have been having a think on that and here’s what I know so far:

How do we meet life?
If our insides don’t match our outside world, the world we live in, our partners, our families, our work, our play, our friends, our spirit…then what happens?
The ancient winds of change never stop blowing; therefore, we are always reminded, whether it be a gentle breeze or a gale force wind, that we will be gently coaxed or forcefully brought back to our self, and to remember our essential deepest truths.
We will be blown off course.
We will be tossed about and turned around.
We will need to brace ourselves against the winds of change.
We are also given the ever true course to take to return home.
Each of us holds within us the navigational tools to guide us along and through any and all challenges life throws at us.
Your instinctual wisdom is your guiding force. Many of us have learned to disregard our feelings, so our wounded mess steers us off course to never ever land.
Never feeling whole
Never feeling competent
Never feeling confident
because the negative critic has been talking too long, and we listen too much to the doubter, judger, fear mongering inside of our head.
Our instinctual wisdom lives in our body; it’s that gut instinct, that flash of intuition, that uneasy discomfort, that deep sigh of, “Oh it’s all going to be alright.”
This wisdom lives in us.

Remind yourself of your deepest truths:
I am good
I am enough
I am worthy
I am resourceful
I am whole
I am joy
I am love
I get to want what I want and I deserve to have it in my life.

To me, meeting life is having our insides match our outsides.
Where your inner life is reflected back to you from the outside.
Where you covet your truth, your beauty, and your goodness.

How will you meet the world today?
I invite you to meet it with pure mind altering, wound blowing, heart popping, soul shaking, sky rocketing joy and see what happens.
You might be met with oodles and oodles of it back. Be prepared for the beautiful universe to meet you, and refresh you, and shower you all over with joy!

Featured photo courtesy of Pexels under CC0