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Look Beyond the “Doing” of Your Day

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Of course, we suffer. We suffer from depression, anxiety, and a deep dissatisfaction in life when we don’t live authentically. We suffer when we are clouded by that which we developed to survive, but that clogged up our soul and prevented our essence from making an appearance fully in our lives. We all need a little roto rootering of our clogged selves to release and let our essence run smoothly through our veins, so let your inner plumber clear the way for the smooth running of your spirit.

Soul work is challenging; heart wrenching at times, buckling over in sorrow at other times. But it is also deeply loving, warm, soothing, and pleasingly lively, especially when we are valued for who we are in a world that often sees us for what we do.

Did you clean the house, pick up the kids, make the meal, run the meeting, finish the project, take the kids to soccer, make a lot of money…? Where in any of this is an acknowledgment of who you are?

Where is the “bless you” for your loving presence, your devotion to family, your kind heart, your weathered soul, your compassionate embrace? Where are the blessings for who you are in the midst of the doing? Isn’t the magic and beauty in the blessings? Don’t they motivate us so much more because we are seen and honored?

I’ve very rarely seen anyone not love to be blessed. I have seen people recoil, and be very uncomfortable, but even in the discomfort they peek from behind it and want a little bit more to be seen, blessed, and acknowledged for who they are.

Look beyond the doing of your day; bless yourself and another person, and watch the magic happen. You will learn that you are a magician of the heart! Woot Woot!