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In this, my second book, I celebrate the lessons I have learned in my experience of being initiated into the Fierce Feminine. Here, I share many very raw and personal details of my journey in the hope that other women will find inspiration, comfort, and strength as they challenge their own limiting beliefs, remove the veil of survival, and rediscover their own unique brand of brilliance. 

Like so many of you, I lived most of my life fighting the long fight  to overcome demons, painful judgments, personal violation, and constant dismissal. My spirit was fighting to survive, and again – like so many of you, that gave birth to the veil of survival. 

It was my strategy for coping with the shame and fear that had been unfairly imposed upon me, but my true essence was never dead. It was dormant. It had gone underground during a period of tremendous metamorphosis, and once I chose to heard the call, it was ready to emerge. I was once again ready to emerge and return home to my power – the same divine beauty and grace that lives inside every one of you. 

My experience has taught me that traveling the path of love will awaken the Fierce Feminine in all of us. She is the ultimate force for love. She teaches us to tune into our intuition, empathy, and our sense of nurturing, and she is the antidote to the fear and oppression that is happening in the world around us today. 

The Fierce Feminine is calling us to bring our notorious, beautiful selves back into the light of day. She is calling us to share our brilliance with the world, and for me, part of that means being called to challenge and guide other women as they embark upon this very same journey in their own lives. 

Returning to your true essence can be frightening and arduous, because so many of us have made a home behind the veil, living in illusion and imposed limiting beliefs. This book challenges you to step forward in spite of that, in order to become your notorious self. 

So, welcome aboard this heart-quaking, soul-shaking, spirit-revealing poetic journey. I’m grateful to you for making this book a part of your pilgrimage toward finding your inner truth, and I am honored to share this experience with you. 

We all know what it feels like to be a wounded woman, and just the same, we all have the ability to heal. Love is and always has been the answer. Join me as we make the trek to a kinder and more honest, compassionate, and loving existence. 

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Lizanne Corbit, Denver Author, Divine Feminine, Denver Poet, Denver Keynote Speaker, Denver Live Poetry Performance