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Is Your “Purpose” Preventing You From Claiming Your Worth?

When we think about the concept of self-worth, it’s almost always from the perspective of the outside looking in. That is, so many of us wait for outside influences to determine our value, and it’s largely defined by social and cultural beliefs. We depend on our parents to bless us, or we wait for validation from our supervisors on a “job well done”. Think about that, though. Does obedience or hard work actually make us more valuable human beings? Of course not. 

The fact is that nobody determines what we are worth. Every one of us has value, whether other people see it or not. It’s simply a matter of seeing and claiming that worth. Both of those factors – seeing and claiming – are critical. If you can’t see your value, you’ll never really be able to claim who you are. Instead, you just keep living the way you have been, recycling old thoughts, beliefs, and behavior patterns. 

One of the most common examples of those limiting beliefs is the concept of “life purpose”. Somewhere along the way, our culture became obsessed with that notion. The problem is that people become so fixated on finding their purpose that they believe their life is somehow less valuable than someone who supposedly has. What makes it even worse is that the notion of “life purpose” is completely muddled. 

Work harder, be bigger and do epic shit. Your purpose is to be exactly who you are, and believe me, that is the most epic shit you can do. We look outside ourselves because society invites us to, but the answer to our quest for our worth always lies within.

The feeling that you are lacking purpose can be a perpetual cycle. You don’t answer the call of your true essence because you think that requires you to fulfill a particular purpose. By not answering the call, however, you’re left feeling disconnected, aimless, and depressed. You certainly won’t feel like you’re living a life of purpose. 

Failing to answer the call costs you your joy. 

Throughout our lives, we are told so many stories about what “success” looks like. Based on that, we eventually begin to tell ourselves stories about who we are, who we aren’t, and how all of that ties into our life purpose. Stories are a very powerful thing. 

What stories are you telling yourself that are keeping you from your true self? Isn’t it time to lift that veil?