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Life is a Prayer

Photo courtesy of Pexels under CC0 License

I wrote this blog when I found out I was going to be a part of a Blue Iris event supporting women going through divorce through education and a supportive community.

It brought back memories of my own divorce (20years ago) and the deep despair and aloneness I remember feeling in the dead of the night. The soothing that prayer and meditation brought me held me aloft when the deep dive of loss threatened to swallow me up. This is what I wrote to remind the women going through the painful process of divorce that our lives are a prayer in the making. How fortunate for all of us that we are ever co-creating our lives and we can be soothed in the process. Just a reminder that we are part of a greater whole and we can and will live through this crazy transition and be better and more whole than we were before.

Here’s my ode to all women going through the death of their relationships.

Many blessings,

Life is a prayer.
Sometimes it’s a fervent prayer for something deep inside to be met.
Sometimes it’s a petition for The Divine’s will to be done and a path made clear.
Sometimes it’s a heartfelt tear-filled whisper for love to return swiftly so you can land softly.
Sometimes it’s a full on rant and raving demand for understanding in the chaotic
shambles and shockwaves of change.
Sometimes it’s a soft whisper of gratitude deeply felt as a wish is finally granted.
Sometimes it’s a focused intention with laser-like intensity for a specific request.
Sometimes it’s a chanting repetition to sooth the weary-hearted soul.
Sometimes it’s a full blown revival, clapping and praising, “Can I get a Hallelujah”!
Sometimes life is an acknowledgement of beauty in this very moment with a simple, and yet, oh so powerful “Amen”.
At all times life is a prayer in the making.
All we have to do is go within and acknowledge with reverence our birthright as inspiritus beings.
At any rate we are the prayer in motion;
a divine comedy or drama, whichever is your choice, but we are divinity in creation;
a prayer for the ages in who we are and how we live.
I bow in reverence to your deep, rich life as a prayer in the making.
Some of my favorite prayers are:
Deep Peace
Oh my God!
Holy Crap
Yippee Kaiyo Kayay
Thank you
I didn’t say prayer is always pretty; sometimes it’s all we can do to utter one word.
Although, in that one word we can call on the Universe, and it usually conspires to support us in whatever we need in that moment.
Many blessings to you!