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Letter from Eve

Dear Child of mine,
Original woman,
My beloved creation,

You who are here to be,
The origins of deep faith
The heart of the matter
The stillpoint in the chaos
The ground upon which we 
Build our new home

You who are,
The sovereign truth 
The original blessing
The creative edge
The birthing awareness

You who are,
The Illuminated path
The sound counsel
The space between
The invitation home
The relational presence

You who are,
The eternal mystery 
The soft landing
The loving embrace
The inspiring hope

You who are,
The belly laugh
The intuitive hit
The soulful response
The beauty revealed 
The blessing bestowed

You who are,
My original sovereign women,
Are the ground spring from which 
New life flourishes forth

Bless you my beloveds,
May all your gifts of 
And of course
Rebirth us into a new awakening 
Where Love Reigns
Big Bold Beautiful Love to you,
My Sovereign Original Women!

Love and Grace,