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Blessed be

The light I see

The world freed

The heart unbound

The truth revealed

The wound healed

The sky’s cleared

The beauty restored

The presence alighting

The stars sparkling

The constellations guiding

The adventurers home

We are invited, pulled, grabbed, coaxed, encouraged, or just plain pushed into growth.

Sometimes it’s a gentle coax and sometimes it’s a full-blown push, but every time it is an invitation to know ourselves in ways we may never have thought possible.

Who would have thought that we could be so content with so little busy busy, or with little to nothing on our to do lists, with less consumerism, with more time with loved ones, with more breathing room, with more connection, communion and communication.

Who would have thought we could/would become clearer about what we want, who we are and what makes us feel truly fulfilled?

Who would have thought that a pandemic, while fraught with fear and uncertainly, would bring us closer to our authenticity, our home base of pure essence.

Who would have thought that going without the “I have to’s” and “I should do’s” would bring us home to our “I want to’s”, and therefore reveal the jewels hidden within us.

Our peace


Instinctual wisdom

Our core wants



Our truth



Our stripped-down authenticity and realness

Our beauty and our blessings

We are not finished with the chaos or change of this crisis.

But we get to move forward with our heart warriors leading us and our inner feminine loving on us and our humanness grateful for another turn around the wheel of our life.

May we honor the journey thus far and bring our blessings forth as we continue the return to our world.