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Here is what I know today!

The last words spoken from my brother before he died were, “Love Love Love, that’s what it is all about!” Those words ring true and have rung true on so many occasions since his death in 2004.

When times are tough it really is love that provides the glue to get through some challenging time in life. It really is love that softens a hard heart when it is has constricted out of fear. It really is love that soothes a broken heart when it has been disappointed beyond belief. It really is love that awakens a spark of life in a heart that has been deadened by too much! It really is love that coaxes joy out of a heart that is stricken with grief. It really is love that brings connection between hearts that have been separated from compassion for self or others. It really is love that can speak above the cacophony of self doubt, criticism and judgement. It really is love that calms the crying child, soothes the agitated elder and brings peace to people in fear.

I write this to implore you to choose love over anger, love over self righteousness, love over fear.I ask that you choose love for your self, for others, for your children, for your community, for the good in each and the good in all!

Happy Valentines Day, may love flow from you, to you, for you and with you! My hope is that you choose love everyday and see how love can change the fabric of your being and those you choose to share your love with.

Happy day of Love,
Hugs to you,