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Join the revolution, and find more of yourself as we come together and each define our own individual essence statement. We’ll guide one another toward this truth by exploring ourselves in the life we are living right now.

Who are you? What do you want to be, to do, to create? Where is that instinctual wisdom you wish to live from?

Come explore and evolve your deep wisdom. Get to know the most essential truth-be-told, deeply foundational, true-north aspects of yourself. Let yourself be guided by who you are, not who you thought you were or have been told you are. This is your inner voice saying, “I’ve got to be me.”

That’s what the Women’s Empowerment Course calls forth! It opens the magical doors to explore your sacred self. It invites you to reveal, revel and revere the magic of who you are. You will return to the world from this experience with a better sense of who you are, and you will leave with newfound knowledge and an anchoring Essence Statement that will serve as a guiding force for the rest of your life.

Ready to play, to be, to live more fully? Are you ready to live from a grounded, true-to-your-soul place?
Come join us for the most delightful and fulfilling exploration of you.