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Depression Counseling in Denver

If you’re suffering from overwhelming sadness or despair, depression may be to blame. For anyone who is depressed, counseling is a necessary component of the overall treatment plan, and it’s my privilege to help you find your way back to your fulfilling, joyful life.

How My Denver Therapy Practice Can Help You

Like all forms of psychotherapy, depression counseling helps you conquer your feelings and symptoms gradually over time. I truly believe that depression is a call to live our lives in a more authentic way, and I would love to help you do that.

For patients who are suffering from depression or anxiety, individual therapy or coaching is usually best at first. During our time together, we’ll design a plan that is individually tailored to your unique set of needs. In my decades of experience, I have learned that there is truly no silver bullet. No one tactic is going to cure you of this turmoil, which is why I believe in taking a multifaceted and creative approach to improving your quality of life.

To learn more about my depression counseling services, please contact me at 303.333.5553.

Depression Counseling
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Depression Counseling
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My depression counseling services are focused on helping to treat the turmoil that is the natural result of clinical depression. The skills developed during therapy will help you live a full, happy, and rich life. Here, you will be held from a perspective of capability, competency, and resiliency, all of which will bring about a sense of continuity and recognition of your authentic self.