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Lizanne Corbit, Author

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In my private practice as a licensed psychotherapist in Denver, I specialize in the processes associated with personal growth and life transitions. I work with people who wish to heal old wounds, uncover their sense of self, rediscover their personal identity, and expand into a place of potential, possibility, purpose, and meaning. 

Over the decades in my line of work, I have been deeply and irrevocably changed by the incredible courage I bear witness to each and every day. I have seen, felt, and heard the power of love, and I know its ability to heal even the nastiest wounds. I have not only witnessed it, but I have experienced it time and time again in my own life. 

My path has been guided by an awareness of the death and rebirth cycle, as well as my personal connection to the Divine Feminine. My first book, The Night Star, draws from that awareness and life experience. It contains poetry and sacred writings meant to guide and soothe you through the chaotic changes and challenges of your life. 

The Night Star was written with the intent to provide you with temenos – a sacred space – within which to land and be caressed by the sonnets of the Great Mother. In this book, my words invite you on a gentle journey through the stages of the feminine cycle of change: descent, death, transformation, resurrection, and rebirth. 

In my second book, Notorious, I embrace the lessons learned in my own initiation into the Fierce Feminine. It is in this book and this place in my life that I call upon my deepest strength and my fiercest love to challenge the demons that were threatening to hold me as a prisoner for my lifetime. This is my journey and my battle against shame and fear. 

In Notorious, you will find a raw and honest telling of my personal experience with judgement, silence, being violated, and being dismissed – and how love has led me home to my true brilliance and brought me back into the light of day. 

Notorious is relatable. It is an invitation and a challenge. We have all experienced what it feels like to be a wounded woman. Together, we will take this journey in love, kindness, and compassion. 

Live Poetry Readings and Speaking Engagements in Denver and Beyond

In addition to my work as an author in the print and digital realms, I also share my poetry at live readings and other speaking engagements. It is my pleasure to share messages of growth and empowerment with audiences of all types and sizes, and I welcome your booking requests with great joy. 

Contact me with your requests anytime, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.