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Meet Lizanne Corbit

My name is Lizanne Corbit, and I am a therapist in Denver. I offer a full-spectrum of counseling, therapy, and coaching options that can help move you through all of life’s challenges and toward a life of satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

I am a heart warrior, soul nurturer, rebel poet. I am a midwife to the spirit.  I am a teacher, nurturer, guide, counselor and creator of sacred space to help you learn how to navigate life crises that come from the inevitable change we all experience in life. Some change we see coming and welcome it and some we never see coming and it rattles us to our core, but all crisis call us to be more of who we are.

It is my mission in life to midwife the spirit and uncover the “Instatus Nascendi”, the jewels hidden within matter. I help uncover the beauty beneath whatever life experience, beliefs, crisis, or wounds that may be stopping you or getting in the way of you owning and living from your own unique brand of beauty.

We all deserve to live life from our essential being and to bring our jewels and their brilliance into the light of day to be lived fully. Come join me; let’s have a look see and lay claim and bring you home to your deep, rich, brilliant essence self.

Lizanne's Philosophy

Lizanne’s passion is helping you discover your path through life challenges: loss, life transitions, grief and loss, divorce, depression, anxiety. She is committed to you and your path to personal growth. We are not meant to do this alone. Together we will discover meaning and purpose for you.

Lizanne's Style

Lizanne is known for her collaborative, creative, and sometime irreverent style. She has a multifaceted approach that benefits clients with a wide array of services and professional expertise. She treats, coaches, and enlivens the whole person with deep respect, compassion and vision.

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