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What do I know today?

That blessings come in many forms.

 From a random note sent by a friend that was the perfect message at the perfect time without them having any idea it would be so meaningful.

From the deep ripple of a compassionate gaze and a tender touch when least expected.

From a sweet act of generosity and presencing love and caring in a moment in time.

In a challenging chaotic time a message sent, “thinking of you” received straight to the heart.

 It doesn’t take much to send a message of love to another and these messages land deeply in our hearts and souls. If you have ever just stopped and took note and really looked into someone’s eyes as you were communicating with them perhaps the; barista, the grocery store clerk, the person next to you in line, the husband or wife or children sitting next to you at dinner, the friend you are having coffee with and saw them with your heart, your eyes and your presence and really acknowledged them. Often there doesn’t have to be words, there can be and have you noticed they can be so simple a “thank you” or an acknowledgement of “I see you.”

 That is a blessing! Not only to them but mostly to us, in that we get to be more conscious, more present, and more alive in our own self. What we often forget is giving is really about receiving!! If we give our conscious presence to another we receive so much more because we choose to come alive in that moment to ourselves and to another and that is the bigger blessing! If the other person comes alive back that is like icing on the cake and amen to that to because that’s just pure fun.

 Have some fun today and see what kind of blessings you can create by being present and really seeing and acknowledging someone today. Send me a note about what kind of icing you get to have on your cake today!

Happy blessings to you!