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Under the Spell of Ambition

Ambition puts the weary and bone tired into our every day

Ambition steals the meander out of any journey

Ambition hurries you along as you attempt to smell the roses

Ambition is the purveyor of busy busy busy and seldom lets the sun shine down on your upturned face

Ambition is the silencer of songs being sung in your car at the top of your lungs

Ambition is the squeeze the joy and the life out of you with its

must-do lists

Ambition is the seductive siren calling to do all you can at whatever price for the promise of fortune and fame

Ambition is the bell tolling reminding you to hurry hurry hurry for time is not your friend

Ambition lurks in the shadows watching and waiting for the moment to snatch you away from the beauty of the day

Ambition is the societal measure of what is good and right;

If there’s something wrong, work your way through it

If there’s confusion, work your way out of it

If there’s fear, conquer it with hard work

If there’s love who cares because work is what provides whatever you will need

Ambition caresses the wounds and puts salve on them and says pick yourself up by the boot straps and do what needs to be done

Ambition invites you to the table for nourishment only after you have depleted your body and heart with everything that needs to be done

Ambition cracks the whip and lures you into a spell of celebrating being a human doing

Ambition lulls the creativity of spirit into a deep slumber like Snow White waiting to be awakened by the kiss of truth

Ambition calls out, “get on board, step it up, work hard, work harder, take responsibility because no one else is, you alone have to do it, you are responsible, look for what needs to be done don’t stand around and wait for someone to tell you what to do,”

Suck it up butter cup!

Work hard and you will

Be successful

Be valued

Be seen

Be acknowledged

Be depleted

Be drained

Be empty

Be clumsy

Be tearful

Be yearning

Be hollow inside

Be ambitious, bitch!

For without love and joy, ambition is just a power over, slave driving, whip cracking, soul stealing,

life force eating Vampire

Who slinks into the night of day and seduces you under the spell of the living dead

So ambition, you are unmasked, revealed, sun shining on you to show you and to see who’s behind the Wizard of Oz Wizard Machine

You are the source of wanting to be seen and loved and valued

You push me into the world so I will have a basic core need met, to be seen and loved and now as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home”

Home in my heart is the warmth of love and joy that I am God’s child, I don’t have to seek it, I am it!

Bless your heart ambition

I love you to the moon and back, for you have been the face shown to me, but underneath the have to do lists and whip cracking

is my sacred vivid self who gets to be!

Definition of ambitious:

A strong desire for success or achievement.

Requiring full use of your abilities and resources.

When both definitions are utilized it can be good. But if the success and achievement is used without the other it can be a soul stealing endeavor. It seems using both, our gifts to our full measure with the driving achievement, could be a wonderful gift to ourselves and to the world. If we do one without the other, we can feel depleted and feel unfulfilled.

Staying conscious and listening to our deeper instinctual voice can and does keep us on the path of inner fulfillment because it lets us know when we are out of sink and out of integrity with our essence.

When we leave our essence behind we run the risk of “doing” life rather than “living” our life.

A recipe for disaster can be created when we live without being in alignment with our inner essence and our soulfulness. Living life with a full heart and from our unique brilliance is the reason we are here.

So, challenge your ambition to be your ally and help you create a recipe for loving your brilliance and living from your shiny, bright brilliant bejeweled self! Life lived from here is a beautiful gift to yourself and to the world. So happy trails to you and may you leave a brilliant sparkly trail along your way.

If you need some help finding your inner brilliance give me a call @ 303-333-5553 or email me @ Lizannecorbit@gmail.com and we’ll dig in to uncover your “instatus nascendi” jewels hidden within.

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