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The Storm

I saw a quote it went something like this, someone said, “There is a storm coming” and another responded with “I am the storm”  This is what came from seeing that quote. I am delighted to be a part of the storm acomin’. Blessings to you all who will reign down and cast lightning bolts and rumble with thunder!

“The Storm” 3-22-16

We are the Frontier We are not the fringes We are not the disenfranchised

We are the wisdom keepers, the shared seekers of truth and light and beauty that lives in the heart of all hearts  We are The Mother’s, The Daughter’s, The Sister’s, The Wive’s.  We live in the earth shaking, soul quaking frontier of the cutting edge of being  We birth ourselves, each other, and goodness into the world

No wonder the old and outdated masculine regime wants to silence our efforts, our voices, our words, our truth, our demands for equality and justice for all

No Wonder! No Wonder! No Wonder!

The wonder has been abducted and turned into data that supports the power hungry power over culture  The wonder has been extracted one beautiful spirit filled drop at a time from the soul of our souls to be replaced with hate mongering and suffering

We women, we know about suffering From birth to death, we endure the pain of it all! We live through whatever is thrown our way and we don’t allow it to steal our souls  We magically transform our suffering into badges of honor that we display over our hearts so proudly  We take the suffering which is given to us and alchemically transform it into gold because we are the caregivers, the life sustainers, the nurturers, the nourishers of life

We are on the frontier of the hateful, carving out the path to love. With enough love, hate turns from it’s cold hearted frozen existence to a warming light into heart heated warm love

We are on the frontier of new life We take the deadened crusted over and scrape it off until we reveal new life, then we tend it until it raises it’s shoots to the sky and is grounded in it’s life source

We women we know suffering!

We are Discriminated Against Violated Demeaned Diminished Devalued Desecrated Demonized and Killed And we still keep coming! We keep coming to breath new life into any and all willing to live on the Frontier of creation and rebirthing.  Just try, I dare you, to create as we do, you wouldn’t last a day or an hour or a minute in the birthing pains of labor.  No wonder you are so terrified of the Feminine, the Divine Feminine and the Earth based Woman.  No wonder you quake in your boots and try to silence and still any movement we have made.

Because you know, we are the storm coming! We are Coming! to whisk away and to crash the waves of faith against the doctrine of the male religion. We are Coming! to erupt our power and blow the lid off the injustice done in the name of God  We are coming! to twist the angry hate filled vernacular and in one clean sweep make room for the language of love and belonging  We are coming! to strike a lightening bolt of truth into the lies of the ages, that women are cursed! We are miraculous!  We are coming!  We are the Storm! We are going to electrify the atmosphere with hope and value and connection!

Yes, We are the game changers, the rule shakers and soul makers, the power source that allows life to be lived well. With peace in our hearts and gratitude in our actions for all that we have been blessed with

We are coming to cast a wide net into the world for the people who choose love to gather together and craft, blend, carve, weave, stir, plant and harvest the truth

We Are Coming!