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The Inner Critic vs Your Essential Self

The inner critic uses comparison, self doubt and judgment interchangeably as ways to create dissonance within so the wounds get activated and shame has a place to take root and grow. Shame is like a weed that grows wildly until it is exposed and uprooted by consciously naming it for what it is; a feeling state, not a state of being.

How does your inner garden grow? Do you need to expose the weeds of your critic by naming them and plucking them out? How about replanting it with words of encouragement and reassurance— that you are more than a feeling state—you are big, bold and beautiful in a state of perfection right in this moment.

It is true you are a state of being not your feeling states. Remember your beauty and goodness, as you travel in your world today look for the beauty in your inner garden. You may be the beautiful sunflower or the ruby red rose or a wild flower growing in the mountain meadow. What ever you are honor your particular state of being as the beautiful expression you are in the world.

It is true you are more that a state of feeling, you are a state of being and you get to choose who and what you are every minute of every day. That is the challenge and the curse as it were, we are always at choice. What do you choose in the moment, do you succumb to the wounds and adaptive coping strategies or do you rise to access and claim your birthright, your truth, your essence state? You choose, and you choose in this moment, you choose in the hour by hour, day by day and moment. That is how powerful choice is. Who in you takes the lead and makes the choices and decides your feeling state and your state of being?

Do you know you have an Essence that resides within you that calls to be alive, present and leading you on your journey? If you do not know your essence then I invite you to take tea with the most substantial and soulful part of you. This will be the best meeting you will ever have; you will enjoy this so much you will want to meet again and again and again. This essence part is the part of us that is available when we are most happy, most alive, and aligned. When we feel most seen and heard and when life flows most easily.

Get to know your essence self, it will be the best part of you that you will ever want to know. Enjoy! Have a nice tea and just know everyday could start with taking tea with your essential self and beginning the day with feeling love and loved. What a nice way to start the day.