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The Four Things That Matter Most A Book About Living by Ira Byock M.D.

When you are grieving a loss this is a good read.

The Four Things That Matter Most
A Book About Living by Ira Byock M.D.

I recently read about this author and his list of the four things that matter most in living. I was thinking that the thing about what matters most is it usually shows up in times of crisis or chaos and that is usually when we are experiencing a loss in our life. Loss comes in many forms but we can be guaranteed it does come, for example; loss of a job, friendships ending, children leaving home, parents dieing, marriages ending just to name a few of the biggies!

The above author shared these four important things he found as he helped people in his practice die well. Yep die well! It is a choice and it is something we can help the people we love do.

It was the 10th anniversary of my brother Tracy’s death on Tuesday June 24th. He died well! He showed up for others, he asked for forgiveness, he said thank you to all of us for everything, he said I love you over and over again until he took his last breath.

These are the 4 things that matter most for dieing well and I dare say to living well:

Please forgive me
I forgive you
Thank you
I love you

So simple, yet some of this never gets spoken between loved ones who are living let alone dieing. Be courageous, speak it out loud, help your loved ones speak it and hear it! Exchange the truth and engage in the spirit as they and you die to the way of life you have known with them. Help give meaning to their life and yours by helping them die well!

Blessings to those of you who are experiencing any of these challenges in your life right now! May you live well as the change happens!