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leap of faith

Take the Leap of Faith to Believe In Yourself

Let’s take the often frightening leap to believe in ourselves, to have faith in our being, to break the bonds of self-doubt and self-degradation and the belief that we are less than because we are a woman, or a feeling person, or a sensitive being, or an intuitive driven radical liver of life. Let’s discover what Faith in ourselves does for our heart and soul.

What does it do? I’m glad you asked. It breaks the shell of just existing and breaks open the door to our heart of hearts and our soul and our deepest essential self. It grounds us in our instinctual feeling body of wisdom so we can revolutionize our choices and ask for our deep core needs and wants to be met.

Faith in ourselves heals our broken hearts and soothes our wounded-ness when we are tempered and tested by life’s disappointments, betrayals, hurts, and losses. We gain Faith in ourselves when we live through these challenging times and come out the other end with the battle scars and deep conviction from having lived into our truth and power, learning that we are not alone in this living of life. Faith in ourselves teaches us to have faith in others and develop the skill of a compassionate heart.

Having lived and learned how we each and all have at our core the same trials and troubles and human wounded-ness teaches us compassion. We all get to learn how to discern who can meet us on this heart plain and who cannot, and not to put ourselves in harm’s way with one less skilled being who can’t help but cause harm because they haven’t traveled the path of learning how to manage their troubled hearts.

Come join the revolution and believe in yourself!
Faith in you that’s the name of the game!  Fabulous Faith to you! Now and always!

Take the Leap of Faith to Believe in Yourself
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Take the Leap of Faith to Believe in Yourself
How to believe in yourself. Let's take the often frightening leap to believe in ourselves! Here's why it's so important and how you can do it.
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Lizanne Corbit Counseling Denver, CO