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tah dah

Spiritual Tah Dah List

Innocence lost
Sadness revealed
Cumulative exhaustion
Raw spirituality
Reverent humanness
Delving duplicity
Wicked wisdom
Loving ancestors
Mother holiness
Thou art
She is
We are
Blind faith
Tempered soul
Tattered senses
Sweet remembrance
Tickled pink
Untold toil
Inscenced solitude
Spoiled rotten
Wild thing
Sacred prayer
Spoken truth
Silly girl
Wonderful woman
Wise sage
Hurry up
Hang on
Penetrating presence
Thou art
Moon mother
Soul sister
Divine child
We be
Scoo be do be do be do
Amen alleluia
Praise be
Yahoo yippee
Holy mother of god?
Bless me?
Thank my lucky stars?
Gods speed
Amen Sista

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