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The Power of One

Wow! I was so fortunate to perform my poem, “The Power of One” at The Embracing the Feminine Festival this past weekend at the opening ceremony!  As an introduction to the powerful Cheeta McClellan who demonstrated the power of one so powerfully for all of us at the festival. Cheeta is a working everyday woman who co-created organized and implemented the Denver Women’s March in January with over 200,000 in attendance!

I’m deeply honored to be in the company of such beautiful women.  I want to share my poem with you all and invite you to remember that we all have the power to change the world with one act, one choice or even one blessing at a time.

I hope you enjoy the poem and it will be posted on my Youtube channel soon, as well!
Blessings to you all,

The Power of One
One word
One gesture
One glance
One act of kindness
One encouragement
One blessing
One acknowledgement

One turns into two
Connecting from this place
Of being seen
Of being respected
Of being treated fairly, kindly, loving, compassionately
Of being valued for who we each are, human beings making our way in this world

The Power of One becomes the power of many
One voice turns into the rallying cry for equality for all and equanimity for many
One act turns into a movement for the good of each and the cry for acknowledgement
of all beings as equal
One act turns into turning the tide of hate mongering into the tsunami of the
power of Love
One act turns one step into a million marching for justice for all
One act turns into voices raising into a chorus of righteousness calling for consciousness raising consideration for all
One act turns into a sea of women and men standing united for the powers that be
to acknowledge their rights as humans
One act turns into a powerful connection that has sent shock waves through the world
That women and men will no longer tolerate being put upon, put down, erased, irradictated, raped, harassed, dismissed, demeaned or put in our place
In one act we rise, we speak, we gather, we care for, we protect, we advocate, we claim, we see, we honor, we consider, we value, we give voice to, we organize,
we champion, we nurture, we nourish, we change the way it has been to the way it needs to be, caring for each and all creatures on this planet
One Act
The power of one
You are the power
You have the power
You can use your power every minute of every day to change the world
Immediately in this exact moment, you yes you, can choose to empower yourself and another human being with just one choice, one decision
You are the One
You are the chosen One
You are the power of One
Your choice to be
Is the act that will change the world
You have the power, You are the power to change the entire world
Use it wisely
For One can change the world of another with one smile, one look, one blessing, one kindness, one gesture of acknowledgement and being seen as the human beings that we are does change the world!

The Power of One
Be the One
Be the One to lead the way, break the rules, to teach anew, to model truth.
Be the One to stand up, stand in, stand for, what is right and good
Be the One who’s sees beauty in another, who acknowledges, blessed, cares for another
Be the One who stands strong, stands tall, speaks for and protects the rights of others
Be  the One who acts every day for the goodness in the world, honoring love and beauty and goodness in your self and in every other
Be the One to honor yourself so you can honor others in their “less than” with love and respect
Be the One to Bless, To be the change in the world
Be the One
You are the One
You Are One With the Divine
Make the universe proud by exercising your Power of One
And be The Revolution of Love that “One” and a “Million” can be


Dedicated to my husband Craig Tessem who demonstrates this daily.

January 2017 Lizanne Corbit