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One Exchange of Love Can Transform the World

In my private Denver psychotherapy practice, I work with people from all walks of life, and I have stood witness to the full spectrum of life experiences. I’ve seen the absolute destruction that can be caused by fear, betrayal, disillusionment, and grief. It’s truly profound.

More importantly, though, is that I have seen what love can do to counterbalance and heal all of those painful experiences. I have seen it and heard it, and I have also felt the power of love in many instances along my own journey. 

So, if you are feeling a call to make a change in your own life, in the lives of others, or even on a global scale, please know that the solution is simple. It’s love. 

From small, random acts of compassion to grand gestures of charity and mercy, all good things begin with love. This is your ticket to finding more joy in your life; it’s your chance to change the course of history. 

Please enjoy the following excerpt, which is simply titled, Love. This was taken from my book, Notorious: Poetic Travels of the Fierce Feminine, and I’m very excited to share it with you here. 


Dear daughter I have Love for you today

Deep abiding, soul-reveling, spirit-dancing, heart-blowing

Mind-expanding, deepening into your body Love

Love is the answer to your prayers, remedy for what ails you

The key to the magic door, the sacred text, and the language of the ancients

It is the light that illuminates the day, the darkness of the soul 

And it is music to our ears

How can you Love? Who can you Love? What can Love do to heal our broken anything?

Our mind, our heart, our body, our spirit?

Love, my child, is the answer and the question

How does love heal? Well let me tell you how love heals!

It provides hope

It conjures up courage

It holds the tender

It protects the vulnerable

It is the catalyst for the alchemy of transformation That changes cold-hearted fear into warm glowing illuminating trust

It is the life force that awakens the deep design of our destiny


In love

Out of love

Because of love

True love

Rich love

Deep love

Loving soul

Loving heart

Loving hand

Loving hug

Loving gesture

Who loves?

We love

Our love

Be love

Abiding love

Gentle love

Fierce love

Tender love

Passionate love

Sweet love

Love Love Love

It is the transformative

It is the God-seed planted in each of us

Ready to be tended to, watered, cared for

It is the life force,

it is the heart-stretching, tear-streaming

Mirror of beauty that we all desire.

We all need and want to see and feel love

Bring Love, exchange Love, allow Love

Be Love the love you wish to see in the world

Change the world by being your big, bold,

bodacious Loving self

Love is the revolution that changes the world

One exchange of Love can transform the world

Be the Love you wish to see in the world


It does

It can

We do

We can

We be do be do be do



Deep Love

Deep Loving

Deep Love to you!

Notorious Poetic Travels of the Fierce Feminine

Lizanne Corbit