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Whirl like a dervish
See the mystical in the morning twilight walk
Surrounded by the pure essence of the divine

Sweep the threshold free of the yesterdays
And run wildly into today

Revel in the magic that is the dawning of your existence in this
Turning of one moment into the beauty of the now moment

Cast your net wide in the open sky and lasso onto the tail of a cloud
And ride it until joy overtakes you

Succumb to the blasting of the horns of triumph and kneel in awe
As the heart strings play that tear spilling melody

Resurrect your lost soul and hold it up to the sun until it
Ignites into a blazing fire and lights the way home

Ecstatically dance your way through the streets of sorrow and leave a
Trail of laughing truths, like candy being tossed into the streets,
Sweetening the day’s moments

Arrive at your destination in exhausted ecstasy, seating yourself at the
Soul of your being, ready to partake in the feast that is before you

Notorious, Oh Wanderer, Seeker, Traveler
I give thanks for our chance meeting and your offering to drink this resplendent
Taste of the mystery

It is felicity flowing through me, breaking me down into an ecstatic dancing prayer

3-1-18 Lizanne Corbit

Are you ready to be your notorious self and own the inner brilliance of who you are?
Are you ready to cast aside the untruths of what you were taught you were supposed to be? If you are curious and seeking to know who you are before the veil of survival was placed on you, then yeah!
Get in touch with me and we can create a path for you to transform the untruths into living truths and be the notorious self you are meant to be!
Blessings upon blessings to you,

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