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photo123I work in unison with clients to facilitate a deeper, richer sense of identity. Through awareness and skill-building, I help bring about a sense of continuity and recognition of the Authentic Self—the person you are fully meant to express. Each individual is held from a perspective of capability, competency and resiliency as emerging discovers become the foundation for new awareness and meaning.

—Lizanne Corbit


Those who work with Lizanne Corbit come to know themselves in a richer way.

Lizanne holds and remains present; sees and affirms; invites and challenges; teaches and guides you to a deeper knowing of who you are. She has a keen understanding of the tasks, tools and developmental process. Regardless of the stage of change or development you are experiencing, she provides sound guidance.

Whether it’s a first time experience, an on-going process, or fine-tuning a specific issue, Lizanne works with clients committed to their growth, looking to be guided and supported in the next phase of their journey.

Lizanne is known for her collaborative, creative and sometimes irreverent style! Her multi-faceted approach means clients benefit from a wide array of services. With over 20 years of professional expertise,she treats, coaches and enlivens the whole person with deepest respect, compassion and vision.

She teaches, guides, counsels and creates a safe environment in which clients can grow and learn. My counseling offers models for viewing change, skills to navigate the challenges we all have in life and a perspective of health and meaning to understand where the client is in the growth process today.

I’m known for a collaborative, creative and sometimes irreverent style. Each of my counseling and coaching experiences develops its own rhythm, requirements and your personalized growth and success road map. It’s about opening up and claiming what is possible for you!

Lizanne is adept at helping clients identify what is, and what isn’t working. We then collaboratively create a plan to achieve the desired changes and set personal goals. Together we facilitate this growth in a safe and supportive environment. I guide clients through translating the identified changes into their lives.

• Co-facilitated holotropic breathwork
• Teaches and supports compassionate communication skills
• Psychospiritual and psychoeducational techniques influence my therapy style

I like teaching my clients what they need to know so they can become more proficient in their intra- and inter-personal skill sets. It is my deepest desire to impart meaningful information, useful skill sets, and models that help make sense or meaning in client’s worlds.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, loss, grief or confusion surrounding life’s changes and transitions, then re-framing and normalizing these major life challenges can bring relief, reassurance, renewal and reconciliation.

You are not meant to do this alone.

Additional training:
Addiction and codependency
Co-active Coaches Model
Hudson Institute Coaching
Cognitive behavior therapy
Voice dialogue
Bereavement counseling
Group psychotherapy


Depression and anxiety
Marriage and relationship issues
Addiction and codependency
Grief and crisis counseling
Teaching clients perspectives and tools to support them during crisis, loss and change
Individual counseling
Relationship counseling and couples skill development
Women’s groups
Public speaking on the cycle of renewal and growth

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