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Love Yourself Fiercely

In my Soro Mystica Circle of kick ass women, we are working on consciously changing our limiting stories by walking through the wasteland and answering the call. Here’s a bit of what we have attended to so far. May it ignite a flame for you to light up the world with your truth.

We are all steeped in our stories, the ones we’ve been taught from an early age. They impact us every day and live in the marrow of our bones. Our stories will not let go unless we consciously call them out and offer them back to the universe through the blood sweat and tears of our transformation work. In almost every culture in the world, there are creation stories that speak about how the world was created, and guess what? Most of them where created by the Feminine. Big surprise!

Grand Mother Spider of the Native American tradition spins the world into being

Pachamama of the Andean culture is the World Mother who sustains all life

Chailleach of Ireland and Scotland is a protectress of the land and all things wild

Dani from the Celtic tradition is the Mother of all people

Mother Mary created Jesus and Buddha’s mother Maya was the sage on which Buddhism was founded.

Women are the creators of life; it’s a pure and simple truth.

When did we lose our creation stories? When did we lose our birthright to tell our stories? There are a lot of books and research out there that speak to this topic and I’m not going to attempt to here.

What I am going to do is ask, how did our stories become so untrue?

We’ve been painted as harlots, as temptresses, disobedient faithless and trouble makers. With over 2000 years of this kind of indoctrination that as women, we are lying and untrustworthy. We’ve been conditioned to not trust ourselves or each other.

What a bunch of hooey!

Our stories matter; we are hired-wired for meaning…and what gives meaning to our lives and shapes our identity? Well, it’s the stories we are told and the stories we tell ourselves. If they show us as weak and inferior, then it’s an uphill battle as most of us women know. But if our stories are powerful and strong and wise, then our voices can reflect the truth of who are and change our inner landscape and also the landscape out in the world. From here, we can create like Spider Woman and spin a world where women are lauded for their wicked wisdom and honored for their super powers of strong love and as spiritual warriors. Where our creation stories honor the beauty and tenacity of being able to give birth to anything we want into the world.

I strongly suggest we own our temptresses and our naturally disobedient selves and make some trouble. It is in speaking our truth, loud and clear, with that sacred roar we were birthed with, that we change our stories. And by trusting the hell out of ourselves and each other, we change the cultural story to one where we honor our power and sovereignty are celebrated as the creative life force that we are.

Awoman and I invite you to speak some truth today to help change your story and change the world.

Welcome to The Revolution of Love!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under CC0