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Lizanne Corbit on Notorious: Poetic Travels of the Fierce Feminine

Most of you who know Lizanne Corbit know her as a private practice psychotherapist here in Denver, CO. What you may not know, however, is that she is also the co-founder of a wildly successful program known as Soul Speaks, a renowned author, a keynote speaker, and an awe-inspiring performance poet.

Lizanne’s work has touched the lives of countless women, far beyond our Colorado borders. In keeping with her mission to help women lead lives of purpose, love, and fulfillment, she has a new and very exciting project that is nearing completion. So, recently, we (her team of fierce women) spent some time with Lizanne for a quick interview to learn more about her latest work, a book of poetry entitled, Notorious: Poetic Travels of the Fierce Feminine.

What was the catalyst for your latest book?

Lizanne: Well, I never plan work like this. Since 2012, I have felt called to help women shed the veil of survival, and I’ve just been writing about that process as it happens.

What pushed it along, though, was my poem, Notorious, which I wrote last April. It’s about coming home to yourself. When women first begin to shed the veil of survival, we find that people around us will shun those changes initially, but later will come to embrace them. That one poem later evolved into a book of poems, all documenting the travels of the fierce feminine.

It’s always about owning who you really are. It’s about learning to manage all of the challenges in the world today so that you can love yourself, other people, and bring that loving response to the world.

Was there something from your personal experiences that called you to do this work for and with other women?

Lizanne: I simply can’t not do this work. This book represents the age old journey – my journey and the one I’m sharing with others like myself – where we are listening to the call of who we are. I want to see others own their brilliance and bring it into the world. I want to offer permission and a model for how to traverse the journey.

Do you find that other women are very engaged with this message?

Lizanne: Absolutely. They’re very much on board with the idea, and they’re ready to do the work in their own lives. Every ten years or so, we all find ourselves at some sort of a crossroads. We all experience expansion and contraction. Most women agree that it’s time for more expansion; we don’t want to be silenced.

That contraction happens when we are made to feel ashamed, or when we are tried and tested after speaking our truth. There’s no doubt about it – we will be challenged, but by making the choice to live authentically and stand in our truth, we give ourselves and others the chance to continue expanding.

That is truly what drives me to do this work, and it’s what led me to write Notorious: Poetic Travels of the Fierce Feminine. I’m very excited to announce that this new book will be launched in early 2019!

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