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I Lost My Mojo!

I miss delight,
I think I worked it right out of my being.
I miss love,
I wish for love in my heart along with peace, delight, energy, excitement and aliveness.
I miss joy,
Where did my joy go?
I miss my brilliance,
It has been tarnished because of not listening to my body’s wisdom
I’ve lost my mojo! It’s been misplaced, forgotten, misaligned, and lost once again, it happens to the best of us when life calls for more of us than we have to give.
I lost my mojo, it’s been lost in the push, pull, and drag of my own unrelenting expectations.
Lost in the depths of doing
Lost in the tired body
Lost to the have to’s
Lost to the get it done’s
Lost to the giving too much to others
Lost to achieve and ambition
Lost to the day of work
Lost to the muscle it up
Lost to the fame and fortune, although there is none to speak of except good will to the world.
Amen to good will, may I have some toward myself and bring back some beautiful delight, love, joy, brilliance and my mojo to my being and to my life and my beloved.
Amen and joy to you and your mojo returning after you shower your being with goodwill and grace, dear ones. Rest listen quiet and this will bring your sparkle back like a beautiful diamond, uncovered in the mines of your soul.
Amen to listening to the wisdom of the body where we all will find our mojo and our sparkling brilliant essence. Always and forever recoverable from the depths of our disconnected selves in the quiet of any moment.
Happy quieting to you in the New Year! Oh, I gotta go — I hear my Mojo calling me!