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It is heroic to grow into yourself and to grow out of old, limiting perspectives and wounds. It takes courage, fortitude, deep desire, and hope, for without hope there is no desire and calling for more. What do any of us want more of? Usually, we want to feel more confidence, competence, peace, contentment, love, joy, respect, value, and esteem.

At the heart of most our discontent, our pain, and our sadness is the lack of connection to our deepest self and our essence. We all have a real desire to be seen and valued by another.

We all want to feel competent and confident. We get this by stepping onto the path of growth; whether it’s a soft invitation or a hard knock at the door to our life…such as a death, or ending of a job or relationship. We can answer the door or not, but if we do, we will be on the heroic journey of self discovery in which the dragons of shame and the demons of self doubt will be challenged.

It is heroic, it is a full-on commitment to know thyself. To know your wounded and challenging selves, your essential self, and to know your deep core desire feelings.

You can navigate your world with confidence and competence – it is your birth right. It just takes a little help and a lot of bravery to do the most powerful work you can do. KNOW THY SELF.

We can struggle or we can develop the skills to dance, sing, and celebrate our life!

Who could ask for more!

Feature photo courtesy of Pexels under Creative Commons 0 License