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Here is What I Know Today!

The sun is shining, the snow is sparkling and life has a way of being illuminated after a stormy time.
The sun always shines again
The birds always sing in the spring
The water always thaws after a freeze
The blue skies always emerge from the storms clouds
The heart always mends after it has been broken
The mind always grasps new perspectives when old ones have been shattered
The body always miraculously heals after a wound has been tended
The beauty of a place always returns after a storm has wreaked havoc

I contemplate the healing capacity we all have that is so mirrored to us from Mother Nature. When we have experienced a difficult or trying time in our life it is often hard to see, feel and know that beauty will return to our world.

Resilience is the word that comes to mind. We are miraculously and terrifically resilient. The human soul and spirit want to feel alive and well. We work our tootsies off to feel the aliveness in our hearts again.

We are resilient like the sun coming up at the break of dawn.
We are resilient like the Crocus flower peaking through the spring snowfall. We are resilient like the wonderful rainbow appearing in the sky after a big summer rain storm.That is how constant and beautiful our human spirit is. We are a force of nature just like the ever present constants of Mother Nature.

Today I need, just like I am sure we all need, at sometime in our life the reassurance that there will be a calm after the storm. There will be the ray of sun peaking over the horizon after the night. There will be peace surrounding us after the disruption of a rip in the fabric of our being. The challenges of people leaving our lives, elders needing our care and young one’s needing our guidance and of our beloved’s challenged by loss remind me to remember it is always darkest before the dawn. But the dawn is what brings relief and hope and make us resilient again.

Bless any and all who might need to be reminded today that they too are as resilient as the beautiful sun on a clear summer day.