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I wrote this a while ago as I so often do in the wee hours of the morning. Fear was knocking on my door and woke me up demanding to be heard. It came with its many disguises. Have a think on this after you read it and see if you can identify the disguises your fear uses. Then go ahead and LOVE your fear and watch it transform. And if you need a little help managing fear and anxiety, give me a ring!

Happy Halloween!Fear: we all have it, we all know it, we all live with it-unwittingly allowing it to be the captain of our ship.
Fear manifests in deprivation. Fear comes like a thief in the night, raiding your heart and plundering your treasures.
Fear is the nocturnal critic whispering sweet “you are nothing’s” in your ear.
Fear finds a place deep in the caves of our body and promises that the boogey man will show himself if you don’t behave.
Fear sits on the edges of consciousness, cheering ever so softly for a break in the game of shame.
Fear settles in like an unwanted houseguest and sits at the head of the table expecting to be treated like royalty.
Fear slinks in the shadows of our mind, inviting us to expect that big bowl of disappointment.
Fear is the companion of shame, bullying their way through our consciousness, creating havoc in a peaceful exchange with a beloved.
Fear reminds us we are vulnerable to judgment, criticism, humiliation and demeaning dismissal every day of our lives.
Fear is unresolved food, clothing, shelter needs, and the real and deep needs of safety and security being challenged every time we speak.
Fear calls out the names of our desires – trust, respect, valued, seen, heard, loved, listened to, treated fairly and to belong, like a drill sergeant making ready to humiliate.
Fear belays the birth right of peace, self-esteem and self love for another moment when it sinks its teeth into our psyche like an untamed feral dog biting us in its fast and shocking way.
Fear rallies around our nervous system, firing neurons to make our adrenaline spike to make way for us to fight, flight, or freeze…it most often prefers us to freeze at the sight of it so we can become a slave to it.
Fear, Fear, Fear when it goes untamed, unaddressed, un soothed, it becomes the way of derision and divisiveness and slinks away in the shadows for cover not wanting to be exposed or seen for its own fear of discovery.
Fear, Fear, Fear really, really, really needs to be seen heard and treated fairly.
Fear really, really, really needs to be soothed and loved and calmed as the human body and system recalibrates its response to the demands on it.
Love, yep Love, safely soothing calming centering Love…that’s the key that opens the door and lets fear walk into the light of day revealing that bump in the night as the sun bumping into the horizon of the morning, bringing with it clarity, illumination and relief.
So Love your fear to death, it’s the only thing that will die from too much Love.
Love, Love, Love your fear until it turns into a soft mushy plushy stuffed animal…perhaps the “Velveteen Rabbit” ? For Love is the only thing that is real!

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