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Soul Speaks Transformational Groups – Thursday Morning Fall Sessions – 8/24-12/7

We invite you to come and learn to listen and speak from the richness of who you are, claiming your soulful, essential voice. Come experience your soulfulness by being seen, heard and authentically blessed.

Who: Seekers and explorers who may want to become a better public speaker or want to become a better communicator in personal or professional relationships, or if personal growth is your aim and you want to enhance your confidence and competence. Soul Speaks will transform each and all of these areas of your life.

When: Thursday morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

8 sessions, taking place during the following dates in 2017

August 24

September 14, 28

October 12, 26

November 9, 30

December 7

Where: Lizanne Corbit Counseling

4155 East Jewell Ave., Suite 908

Denver, Co. 80222

Commitment:  We ask for a conscious & full commitment to attend each and every session.

The cost will be $400.00 for eight sessions.

There is limited space so we invite you to call Lizanne Corbit @ 303-333-5553 or Paula Friedland @ 303-283-0083 as soon as possible with your commitment &/or inquiries. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can also visit our website for more information and to read the powerful testimonials from past participants:  www.SoulSpeaks.biz

Please send your payment to:

Lizanne Corbit @ 4155 East Jewell Ave., Suite 908, Denver, Co. 80222 or

Paula Friedland @ 9865 East Idaho St., Denver, Co. 80247