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Codependency, Part III

The child who is destined to become a codependent will become extremely talented at pretending; pretending not to feel, see, or hear what is going on in front of them. They re-package their real feelings to cope with the narcissism of the dysfunctional parents. These children become masters of pleasing and perfecting, care-taking others and/or becoming overly responsible to get their needs met. By adapting these strategies, which will soon become a very strong persona, they are able to manage the chaotic situations and hopefully manage their parent’s emotional fluctuations. These strategies make for an adult who effectively and (possibly) effortlessly presents as happy when they are depressed, forgives when they feel resentment, and offers support when they feel jealous. They become masterful actors and can adjust to what a situation calls for. The problem with acting this way through life is that you never develop and learn what it is that you want or need, or are able to feel authentically so you lose yourself. And you lose any chance at living an authentic and fulfilling life if your sense of self always originates from outside of you.

Are you that child who has become the adult who pleases their way through life, never having your deepest wants, needs, or desires seen or met? If this resonates with you, then it may be the time in your life to change the in-authenticity into authentic living. Remember, our core desires in life are to be seen for who we are, heard and witnessed, respected and treated fairly, as well as to feel competent and confident. It’s time to claim your birthright! Email me, call me, message me and we can begin the journey of reclaiming your authentic life. Yahoo and blessings to you!


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