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Codependency, Part II

Codependents are, by definition, “dependent”. They depend on others or something outside of themselves to make them feel valuable. Dependency comes from low self-esteem and fear of abandonment.

Do you:

  • Excessively think, worry, or talk about someone else?
  • Value others’ opinions above your own?
  • Have difficulty making decisions on your own?
  • Often give up plans, hobbies, or interests to be with someone?
  • Fear being left or rejected?
  • Feel unhappy, empty, or discontented being with yourself?
  • Fear being alone?
  • Feel unable to go places or start new projects on your own?
  • Adapt to others’ tastes or points of view?
  • Follow, research, or snoop on someone?
  • Feel unhappy or trapped in a relationship you can’t leave?
  • Seek relationships for happiness, power, meaning, security, or excitement?
  • Focus your energy on someone else’s problems or life?
  • Feel loyal to someone who’s hurting you?
  • Feel unable to get over losses or breakups?

If you are finding yourself in this list of signs, then you may also find that you have so much of yourself invested in others that you have lost who you are. Your thinking and actions revolve around getting, changing, and worrying about and reacting to someone else.

Codependency Counseling in Denver, Colorado

If this is the case, then I invite you to call me and to create a plan to treat and navigate this soul sucking disease. Yep, it is a disease and it does cause harm to our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. Have you ever seen someone be in pleaser mode, where they pleased others but put themselves into an early grave, divorce, death, or life of meaninglessness? I have and it is a cruel and sad thing to witness. We may look like everything on the outside is ok, but are afraid to show the world what is really going on inside. Afraid to show the fear and vulnerability because it’s been hidden so well for so long and the “what will people think?” thought slams down any and all thoughts of asking for help.

Well, now may be the time to break the shackles that codependency has had in your life. You can break free and live a life of joy, purpose, and worth; all it takes is that extremely hard first step, to ask for help.

I invite you to call me and be guided into a life of recovery and joy!

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