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Change Your Story, Change Your World

After being reached out to by members of my tribe of women, this came to me as a response to a beautiful woman from my lineage who shared her perspective about what is happening in her world. Her story invited and reminded me that love is the power that will change the world!

Dear Ones,

It is a trying time; it’s a time to lift the veil of survival and come home to ourselves and access the fierce feminine in us. Part of my own process, like that of so many others (yourself included), involves the call to bring our voices to the world and let our sacred roar be heard. Because of this calling to bring justice for the vulnerable, we are being tested and tried again and asked to answer the call to own our brilliance and our voices. My experience in the last few years has taught me that it’s about Love and loving ourselves so FIERCELY that no one can deny our brilliance–no one! So, shine on dear ones! Shine on in all your beauty and love yourself fiercely because I love you, deeply and abidingly and fiercely!

Awoman to us and our sacred roar!  ?

LOVE, Lizanne

Tell your tribe you love each and every one of them in all their fierceness!

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