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Broken Broken

Abidingly broken

Rewritten, realigned, remembered

To the spiritual marrow of your bones

This came to me this morning. It is a few lines from a poem that is in my book,

“Night Star, Reflections on the Path of The Divine Feminine”

Sometimes we are broken or feel broken by life. Sometimes it’s life events or circumstances, or even people in our lives, that break something of value to us. Usually, it’s a piece of our hearts. Then we must get to the work of tending to and mending.

In the Japanese tradition there is a word “Wabisabi” it means to find beauty in broken things. There is another word that describes a process that is used to create awe and reverence, and to restore broken things; this word is “Kintsuki”. This is where gold is poured into the broken part of a vessel, restoring it to an even more beautiful state.

We also can restore our brokenness. Here is where we get to be in awe and reverence for the beauty we are as we restore ourselves and our brokenness with our gold essence. I have rarely seen anyone who was willing to do this restorative heart work that wasn’t made truer and more brilliantly themselves.

Here we are broken broken, abidingly broken, rewriting and remembering your spiritual essential and most natural self. This and only this is the purpose of being broken, to fill the cracks and crevasses with the gold of who you are and be the brilliant being you are meant to be.

So shine bright, dear one. Shine bright and revel in the beauty of who you are.

If you need some help revealing your brilliance, give me a call.

Blessings and amen to gold filled cracks in our soul.


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