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Brilliant Darkness: Winter Solstice Song 2018

Happy Solstice! Here is an ode to the beauty of the darkest night of the year and the coming of the the light. Blessings to you

Brilliant Darkness…

Softens My Soul
Heralds My Heart
To know that which is unknowable
Yet can be tasted with one whiff of recognition

Beauty lives in the quiet of the early morning darkness
Where no light breaks into brilliant sparkles of wisdom’s presence and
Knowing lives in each sparkling glimmer of truth reflected in your eyes

Amen for being seen in the darkness

Amen for prayers being whispered in the quiet

Amen for the sweetness of Love warming my heart with an inferno of joyous delight

Amen for the sweet surrender of the mind’s chatter revealing wisdom’s treasured gold

Amen for Loves embrace that only the Divine can wholeheartedly envelope me like a Mother’s protective loving cradle

Amen for the Alleluia of the sweet surrender of the senses and the beautiful songs of angels serenading the dark into light

Amen Goddesses and Gods presence for they bring aliveness to the death of each day


Winter Solstice Song 2018

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