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Lizanne Corbit

Meet Lizanne Corbit

My name is Lizanne Corbit, and I offer a full-spectrum of counseling,therapy, and coaching options that can help move you through all of life’s challenges and toward a life of satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

I help people navigate the revolution of love. I guide them into loving, caring, honoring and becoming who they truly are, even through the darkest of nights. I encourage and support them along the deep path of transformation and into the light of their own being; you’ll often hear me refer to this as one’s essence.

I won’t fool you; it does take work to own who you are. Wish as we might, it isn’t all love and light. It takes a downright, hardcore, deeply-committed heart, but I know and guarantee you that it is the best work you will ever do for yourself.

Ever? EVER?! A big guarantee, indeed, but I challenge you: Do you have anything better to do in this time or place on Earth than to become fully, divinely, humanly you?

There is nothing to lose, except that which no longer serves you and your highest self. Come join the revolution.

Change yourself, and live from your truth.

Yep, there we go again! Be a revolutionary. Live from your deepest love for yourself!

That’s what I do. I see beyond the wounds and adaptive coping strategies.

I help you see to the heart of who you are and learn to live from your truest sense of self.

It is with great honor and pleasure that I introduce you to your own inner beauty. It is my privilege to help you hold your wounded and adaptive selves with the honor they deserve as you rediscover your true emotional and spiritual identity.

It is a courageous act to be a seeker of truth – especially your personal truth – and let’s face it. We all need support and guidance along the way. It just makes for a more sustainable lasting transformation as we shed our old identities that no longer fit in your life.

It is an act of beauty and conviction to choose your happiness, your goodness, your deepest truth to inhabit this world more fully. I have made it my life’s work to support you in this endeavor. That is what I do.

Lizanne's Philosophy

Lizanne’s passion is helping you discover your path through life challenges: loss, life transitions, grief and loss, divorce, depression, anxiety. She is committed to you and your path to personal growth. We are not meant to do this alone. Together we will discover meaning and purpose for you.

Lizanne's Style

Lizanne is known for her collaborative, creative, and sometime irreverent style. She has a multifaceted approach that benefits clients with a wide array of services and professional expertise. She treats, coaches, and enlivens the whole person with deep respect, compassion and vision.

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