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A Blessing for the Holidays

I just wanted to share a blessing with you this holiday season. It is a time of new beginnings and new life. This poem is from my book, The Night Star, Reflections on the Path of the Divine Feminine and it is called “The Dance of Creation”

Blessed Be

Blessed Be Thee

Blessed Be Me

Blessed Be You

 Blessed Be the World

Blessed be the differences  Blessed be the familiar

Blessed be the teaching  Blessed be the learning

Blessed be the strife  Blessed be the truth

Blessed be the conflict  Blessed be the change

Blessed be the contrition  Blessed be the forgiveness

Blessed be the separation  Blessed be the reconciliation

Blessed be the weariness  Blessed be the relief

Blessed be the vulnerability  Blessed be the peaceful

Blessed be the chaos  Blessed be the creation

Blessed be the dance of the world

Moving from one form into another until all are felt and the opposite is born anew

The Dance Of Creation