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5 Reasoning Abilities Manipulative People Don’t Have

There are 5 reasoning abilities that we have that manipulative people do not. We think they do and it causes us to think we are crazy, we become exhausted and we can become ill as a result of dealing with manipulators in our lives. Dr. Alan Godwin has a great book out, Tired of the Drama: Handling People Who Won’t be Reasonable, that addresses these issues and teaches us how to deal with manipulators. But first we must understand that they are not capable of using these reasoning abilities.
The 5 reasoning abilities are:
1. The ability to have self awareness
2. The ability to empathize
3. The ability to have humility
4. The ability to be reliable
5. The ability to be responsible
I know it make us wonder how is this possible, but it is and anyone who has been in a relationship of any kind with a manipulator knows very well what this can feel like.
If you are in a relationship with a manipulator and want to have some help disengaging from that relationship please call me at 303-333-5553. You can separate and feel good again just learning some basic skills to take care of your self.
Blessings, Lizanne