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Clear Communication Model

Here is  a nice way to take your temperature and identifying what you are experiencing and may need in any given situation. This is a quick and easy map for checking in with yourself at any time regarding any issue. Please use all day everyday to do a quick check in with yourself and others if you choose. Have fun with it!

Clear Communication Model 

My Data Is…. Give the Facts What I can see, touch, sense, smell, hear

What I Feel Is… Mad, Bad, Glad, Sad, Hurt, Afraid, Shame

My Thoughts Are….What I hear myself telling myself about what is happening, my beliefs, my perspectives

What I Want Is… Identify your needs and Make a request “Would you be willing to…”

Take time to answer these 4 questions before you chose to communicate this information with another. It will help bring clarity and calmness to you and to the situation.